Radhe (Salman Khan) is one of the wheels of the mafias, but with a difference. He is a trained street fighter and shooter who is totally fearless. A man who can keep his cool, in a situation where death itself is looking at him in the eye. He is rebellious and loves to defy authority. He cannot think of being in any other position but the leader's, always fighting his way to impossible goals. He works for Ganibhai, the most dreaded Mafioso, but on his own terms.

Mafia Don Ganibhai (Prakash Raj) has a great mind for strategy, which is razor sharp. He stays in a foreign country but comes to India whenever the need arises. He is revered and feared by friends and foes alike. Ganibhai is the worst enemy anyone could wish for. He is vindictive to the point of being sadistic. He will not only destroy his enemy but wipe him off completely.

Radhe is in love with a girl named Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia). They share a strange love hate relationship. Jhanvi tries to change him by imploring him to leave the world of crime, but Radhe, though he loves her, is too hardcore a criminal to adhere to her wishes.

Radhe moves ahead in his criminal world by single handedly eliminating Ganibhai's enemies with his wit, grit and fearless strategy. A time comes when Ganibhai, whom Radhe has never seen arrives in India specially to meet him. He then offers Radhe a job, which Radhe for the first time refuses point blank, in return making Ganibhai his biggest enemy. Then comes the surprise element of the story, a twist that changes the very premise on which the story is based on. A shocking twist that makes Radhe - WANTED by the mafia and by the law.

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